Introduction : Physical exercise means the movement  of the limbs of our body according to rules. None can enjoy good health without physical exercise. It keeps good health and promotes strength. It also keeps us free from diseases.

Kinds of physical exercise : There are many kinds of physical exercise such as walking, swimming, running etc. Different kinds of games like football, cricket, hockey, badminton etc. are also good forms of physical exercise. All forms of exercises are not equally suitable to all. Games are quite good for the young. Walking is good for people of all ages.

Time of physical exercise:Morning and evening are the best time of taking physical exercise. We should take exercise in the open air. We should not take exercise in empty stomach or immediately after taking meal.

Necessity of physical exercise : Physical exercise is very necessary to us. Our life is full of activities and actions. One needs to tackle them by his physical fitness. Physical exercise improves our health and makes us strong and active. There is a proverb," A sound mind lies in a sound body". If the body is unsound, the mind must be unsound. Obviously a sound body depends on regular exercise which improves our power of digestion. It keeps a man free from diseases. Physical exercise is very important for the students. They do hard mental work. So they need sound body and sound mind which depend on regular exercise. Those who do not take regular exercise soon lose their health. They do not find interest and happiness in life They become the burden to their family.

Conclusion: Health is wealth. It is the root of all happiness. Physical exercise enables us to achieve this wealth. So we should take physical exercise regularly.

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  1. অসাধারণ হয়েছে...এই পোস্টের আকারের চেয়ে আরো তিন গুন বড় কমেন্ট করে ও এই পোস্টের গুন প্রকাশ করা সম্ভব হবে না। আপনার প্রতিনিয়ত পোস্টের মান দেখে আমি সত্যিই আশ্চর্য হয়ে যাই। আপনি
    আপনি সত্যিই একজন জিনিয়াস 🙂 এরকম একটি ব্লগের নিয়মিত পাঠক হতে পেরে নিজেকে ধন্য মনে করছি। সত্যি আজ অসম্ভব সুন্দর একটি পোস্ট করেছেন। আরো চাই, বেশি বেশি চাই....

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    1. ধন্যবাদ আপনাকে সুন্দর এবং উৎসাহ মূলক কমেন্ট করার এবং নিয়মিত ব্লগ ভিজিট করার জন্য।


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