Composition/Essay: Jute (for class 6,7 and 8) 

Introduction : Jute is a kind of fibre. It is called the golden fibre of Bangladesh. It is the main cash crop of Bangladesh. We get it from jute plants.

Where grown : Jute is mainly grown in Bangladesh. It also grows in India. Thailand and China. But Bangladesh grows the best quality jute.

How it is grown : To grow jute, first of all, the land is ploughed well. Seeds are sown in the months of March and April. Small plants come out very quickly. The fields are weeded when thep lants grow one feet or so high. After three or four months they grow ten to twelve feet high and get matured.

How jute is prepared : The farmers cut the jute plants when they become matured. The plants are tied up in bundles. Then they are kept under water. When they get rotten, the fibre is taken out from the stalk and washed in water. Then it is dried up in the sun. Thus the fibre is ready for sale.

Usefulness : Jute is very useful to us. It plays an important role in our economy. Gunny bags, carpets, clothes, mats, ropes etc. are made from jute. The stalk is used for fuel and fencing. Bangladesh earns much foreign exchange by exporting jute.

Conclusion : Jute plays a vital role in our economy. So we should take more care for the increase of its production.

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