Composition / Essay:  THE CAT (for class 5, 6, 7 and 8) 

Introduction: The cat is a small pet animal. It is one of the most common animals of our country. It is seen in almost every house in the village area. Its physical appearance is like a tiger. This is why it is called the auntie of tigers.

Description: The cat has four legs, two bright eyes, two ears and a long tail. Its body is covered with soft hair. Its head is round and eyes are small. It has sharp teeth. It has soft pad under its feet. So it can walk without making any sound.

Nature : The cat is a very gentle and clean animal. It can run very fast. It can climb up trees. It sleeps by day and hunts mouse at night. It is fond of comfort. It likes to sleep on soft and warm bed. It can see well in the dark.

Where found : The cat is found in Bangladesh, India, Mayanmar, China, Japan and in many other countries of the world. It is of different sizes and colours. Wild cat is found in jungles.

Food : It lives on fish, meat and rice. It is fond of milk too.

Usefulness : The cat is useful to us. It helps us in many ways. It kills mice and insects. Sometimes it kills small snakes.

Conclusion : Though small, the cat does a lot of good to us. So we should be kind to it.

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