Composition: Rice (composition rice, chemical composition of rice) for class 5, 6, 7 and 8 

Introduction : Rice is a kind of corn . It is our main food. We get it from paddy plants. Paddy plant is a kind of  grass. Where grown : Rice grows well in moist climate. It grows well in Bangladesh. It also grows in India, Pakistan, China, Burma, Japan and some other countries of the world.

Kinds of rice : In Bangladesh there are three kinds of rice called Aus, Aman and Boro. IRRI is another kind of improved rice. It is grown all the year round.

Cultivation : The cultivation of rice requires tilling lands. At first the farmers plough the lands several times and harrow them well. Then they sow seeds. Soon little plants come out. The field is weeded and manured several times. Paddy ripens in about four months. Then it is harvested.

How rice is obtained : After harvesting the paddy, the grains are separated from the stalks. The grains are then boiled and dried in the sun. The dried paddy is then husked. Thus we get rice. This rice is called 'boiled rice'. If we get rice without boiling the grains then it is called 'atap rice'.

Usefulness : Rice is the most important food-grain of Bangladesh because we live on rice. Many kinds of cakes are made from it. Chira, Muri, Khai etc. are prepared from it. The straw of paddy is used as fodder. It is also used in making paper and for roofing houses

Conclusion : Though rice is our main food, the production of rice in our country is not sufficient to meet our demand. So we should try to increase the production of rice.

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