A fisherman is a person who lives his livelihood by catching and selling fish. He catches fish in rivers, lakes, haors, beels, canals,ponds and in other watery places. Sometimes he catches fish in the deep sea. Then his life is at risk.
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Sometimes he is hired to catch fish in someone's ponds or ditches. Then he gets a share of the fish he
catches. Apart from catching fish, a fisherman is seen to keep busy with making and repairing his fishing nets and other tools. Sometimes his family members help him in these jobs. Though a fisherman works hard in good and bad weather his condition does not usually improve. Most fishermen cannot afford to buy a boat and costly nets to catch fish in big rivers.
So they hire boats and nets. Then they cannot earn much after paying the hiring cost. For catching fish in big rivers and in the sea, fishermen need to keep a radio or mobile set so that they can know the updated weather forecast. But many fishermen cannot afford to keep these modern things. So sometimes these fishermen lose their lives while catching fish away from the shore. It is veery  difficult for a fisherman to improve his condition working alone. For this he can form a co-operative society. Besides, the government may give them loans to buy nets and boats. A fisherman
contributes a lot towards the economy of the country. They supply us with fishes. Besides, we earn a huge amount of foreign currency by exporting fish.

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