Introduction: In the history of mankind, contribution of science is the greatest blessing. Science has come to relieve mankind from sufferings and ignorance. It has brought changes in man's life by inventing things one after another. Modern civilization is undoubtedly the contribution of science. In fact in our everyday life we find the uses of science all around us.
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Science in agriculture : Modern science has contributed a lot in agricultural sector. Today hi-tech tractors and ploughs are being used Instead of blunt ploughs. Modern chemical fertilizers are being
to grow more crops. Hi-tech insecticide is being used to protect crops trom worms and insects. Hi-breed seeds, livestock, poultry etc. have done a lot to provide foods for the growing population.

Science in Medicine: With the help of medical science, today men are getting long life. Biopsy and ultrasonography, E.C.G, Ultra- Violet ray, X-ray etc can diagnose critical diseases and can save men from certain death in many cases. Complicated operations are being possible with the help of new technology.

Science in Communication : Modern communication system totally depends on machine. Telephone, telex, fax, wireless, telegram, mobile phone, internet etc. are great inventions of modern science. They
have brought the world closer to us. Today we can send news and information from one corner of the world to another within seconds.

Others: In fact there is no sector or area in our life that is not influenced by science. Modern banking sector, trade and commerce, education, entertainment etc. are greatly dependent on the blessing of

Conclusion : Science has brought us peace and prosperity for the mankind. But we should remember that every good thing may turn bad if it is abused. So we have to be careful about the abuse of science.
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