[Most of the students in our country are weak in English. Though they try heart and soul, they cannot make progress in learning English. Suppose, you are an English teacher, and now suggest some ways or methods to the students of your class on 'how to learn English'.]

In order to learn English, we have to develop some language skills. These
are listening, speaking, reading and writing. We must practise these skills. To practise listening skill, we have to Ilisten to English discussion and programmes, we have to listen to radio and TV. programmes and news in English. We have to practise all the skills in the class with the help of the subject teacher. In the class, the students should speak English to one-another and learn speaking. We can speak aloud to ourselves while we are alone. We have to read our lessons regularly and write them. We have to practise freehand writing on any topic. For this purpose, we have to learn words, their meanings, the basic rules of grammar and sentence patterns. At the same time, we have to use the words and sentences in our practical life. If we practise in this way we can learn English.

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