Paragraph: A Village Doctor

A village doctor is a person who gives treatment to the village people at a cheap cost. He is a familiar figure in the villages.
Generally he is not a registered doctor. He receives some training by working under a qualified doctor for some years. He has a dispensary in his house. He gets up early in the morning and attends his patients.
He treats his patients very carefully. He gives them advice and medicine. After finishing his duty there, he goes out to see other patients in the villages. Sometimes he spends the whole night sitting beside a patient. His presence and affectionate touch fill the patients with hope and courage. He takes small fees from the patients. Sometimes he gives free treatment to the poor. However, a village doctor sometimes does bad to the patients by giving wrong treatment as he has little knowledge in medicine. Of course, he tries to avoid treating the critical patients. Rich people in the village usually avoid going to a village doctor. They call him a quack. But it is true that a village doctor is a friend to the villagers. He is always at their side to provide them medical service. He passes a lot of time enquiring their health condition. He gives them advice free of cost. His treatment fee is very little. So, poor villagers love and honour him very much.

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