Top 10 Books On Personal Development:

An animal is an animal from birth but not a human being. He has to improve his personality in every aspects of his life and this called personal development.  How a person behaves, his awareness of life, the development of talents are some of the qualities that people acquire by reading a book are called BOOKS ON PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT.  One  of the special aspects of the literary world is to work with human personality . The top 10BOOKS ON PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT are discussed. 

Top 10 Books On Personal Development
1.THE 7 HABBITS OF HIGHLY EFFECTIVE PEOPLE BY STEPHEN COVEY: The7 Habbits  Of HIGHLY EFFECTIVE PEOPLE is most interesting books on personal development.  This book will tell you the secret of fulfill your life goals. The way we look around us is just our own thinking. But that is not the reality.  The world around us changed over time. Every one wants success in life .  For that you have to adapt yourself overtime and at the same time acquire some 0f the qualities that are mentioned this book. This book is undoubtedly an excellent books on personal development and it play an important role to improve your personality. 

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2.HOW TO WIN FRIENDS AND INFLUENCE PEOPLE BY DALE CARNEGIE : HOW TO WIN FRIENDS AND INFLUENCE PEOPLE is a wonderful books on personal development written by famous author Dale Carnegie. We often get hurt or annoyed by the behaviour of the people around us. When we upset we behave badly because we do not understand the attitude of the people around us.  But we can change others by changing ourselves if we want to. This book will teach you all the qualities that will help you to develop the basic techniques of managing people, to make others like you , to become leader. In a word  , it is a tempting book.

3.THINK AND GROW RICH BY NAPOLEON HILL: Think and grow rich is considered to be one of the marvellous read books on personal development of all time. In this book the author has given how to achieve success step by step.  Because success never comes suddenly.  In this book , the author talks about the things that help us to succeed. Basically it will play a very effective role for those who feel they have failed in any debt.

4.THE POWER OF NOW BY ECHHART TOLLE:   The power of now is a great book in the books on personal development world.  This book will give you a better idea of your inner strength.  Each of us has an underlying energy that we do not normally understand. It is a force through which we can accomplish anything impossible.  But we are not familiar with the energy that causes us to deviated from our goal. The book will help you to awaken that underlying energy.  We can ensure that you have never read a book like this before 

5.AWAKEN THE GIANT WITHIN BY TONY ROBBINS: You may not find a better book than Awaken the giant within to improve your personality. It’s an astonishing books on personal development written by Tony Robbins.  There is a psychological blueprint in this book. This book will awaken you about your life and help you to pull the reins on the in different aspects of life. This book will help you to rethink your life journey. In this book,  the awakening of the monster means the awakening of your own being  which may not understand at the beginning of the novel.

6. THE 4-HOUR WORK WEEK BY TIM FERRIS: The 4-hour is an amazing books on personal development. The story was revolves around a man named Ferris. Who worked 40-80 hour in a frim. Though he got good sallary ,he hated this work. He then quite his job at the firm and started his own businesses.  Originally, the author showed how a person can become self -sufficient  through the character ferries. Determination of purpose,  goal fixed the correct use of time is originally the main thing in the story. 

7.THE MAGIC OF THINKING BIG BY DAVID J.SCHWARTEZ: The magic of thinking big is totally from other books on personal development.  It is very important to have a goal to achieve success.  The goal requires big and positive thinking. Your brain will respond to you in the same way when you take a large thought or plan. When your thoughts are positive you will begin to show your brain and creativity when you can believe in yourself.  The magic of thinking is definitely worth keeping in the collection. 


8.HOW TO STOP WORRYING AND START LIVING BY DALE CARNEGIE: Another reader delighted by Dale Carnegie is the exclusive book on personal development is How to stop worrying and start living. For the most part, we are we are obsessed with our past mistakes, frustration, and sorrows. Even though we don’t know how to get back to the past, we stay behind. But the real religion of life is to move forward.  The book talks about the true purpose of life that will change your life.

9.THE POWER OF HABBIT BY CHARLESS DUHIGG: The power of hobbits not only amazing but also most effective book on personal development. Human life is driven by different habits. Our lives are under our control when we control our daily hobbits. The book explain strategies to bring about not only in the individual case but also in various areas of organisation and society. 

10.THE POWER OF POSSITIVE THINKING  BY NORMAN VINCENT PEALE: It is said that" The force of the mind is the force of the force “. Whether a person will achieve success in his life depends on his positive thinking. The book will teach you to believe in yourself,  to break down worries and be brave. In one word it’s a wonderful book on personal development. 

Personal development is essential to keep pace with the times of the 21st century. Your personality will revealed what kind of person you are. The book mention above will play an important role in your personal development. One book at a time will give you a solution to a problem. 

All we can tell you that these are not just for reading, they are definitely books to keep in the collection. 

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