Composition: A Village Fair That I Have Visited

 Composition: A Village Fair That I Have Visited

A village fair is a special attraction to the village people. Villagers specially, the children eagerly wait for it.

Composition: A Village Fair That I Have Visited

A village fair is held on some occasion. It is generally held on the Bengali new year's day. In some villages it is held on the last day of 'Pous'. A village fair generally lasts for a day or days together. It is generally held in an open place in the middle part of the village.

A few days ago I visited a village fair. I saw there many interesting things. I saw that many temporary sheds and shops were built which were decorated with attractive goods like toys, utensils, earthenwares, spades, sickles, readymade garments, wooden furniture and so on. Handicrafts made by local people were also brought and displayed for sale. I saw the children buying dolls and toys as well as other fancy articles, women-folk buying cosmetics and grown up people buying domestic goods.

Walking along, I came to a place where there were two merry-go-round and looked at them for sometime. From there I came to the front of a tent. It was set up by a circus company. I bought a ticket and after waiting for sometime went in and enjoyed a circus show.

Coming out I drunk the milk of a green coconut. Next I pushed myself to the front of a booth and bought a few fancy things for my sister. For myself I bought a mouth organ. I had been sweating profusely since I had got into the crowd. Because it was very hot. Now I felt I would fall down because of dehydration. So I got out of the crowd and drunk a glass of water. After little rest I had began plodding my way home.

Word-meaning: fair- মেলা; special – বিশেষ, স্বতন্ত্র, অসাধারণ; attraction - আকর্ষণ; eagerly - উৎসুকভাবে, অধীরভাবে; occasion - উপলক্ষ্য; merry-go-round - নাগরদোলা: profuse - প্রচুর; tent - তাঁবু; plodding - মন্থরগতিতে।

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