⏩I don't know why,  Why am I tied to love .... I can't and can't, To forget you alone ...... I do not know what is love?
⏩The happiness of hearing you come when you come The eyelids stopped, he saw the face My gloom in the cloud of clouds, my mind You will hear the tremors of the chest to get the ears.

⏩I translated you into a dream Translated you thirsty ?? I translated you in indifference ..

⏩If I don't forget, I smile in your face I love you in my singing !! Come back and close your hand Take you to my world !!

⏩If it was raining ... I would have touched your eyes. I washed the gloom in the eyes for a moment. You have embraced me throughout the clouds, He couldn't hurt you unnecessarily ..!

⏩Love is just you And surround you Familiar madness!

⏩The road is heavily crooked Very scared to go the way, You come and tell me I'm here Don't fear anything...

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