Composition: THE COW

Introduction : The cow is a domestic animal. It is one the most useful animals for the farmers of our country. The cow is mild in nature. Cows are seen in almost every house in the village area.

Description : The cow has four legs. Its body is covered with short hair. It has a pair of horns on its head. It has two ears and two eyes. Its hoofs are divided into two parts. It has teeth in lower jaw only. It has a long tail. There is a tuft of hair at the end of its tail.

Food : The cow lives on grass, straw, green leaves, oil cake etc. It also takes gruel and husk. It chews the cud.

Nature : Cows are not wild in nature. A female cow gives birth to one calf at a time. It loves its calf very much. The calf sucks milk from its mother.

Usefulness : The cow is very useful to us. The cow helps us in many ways. We get milk from the cow. Many kinds of delicious food and sweets are made from cow milk. Shoes, bags and essential things are made from the cow skin. Cows do a lot of good to the farmers in agricultural work. Cowdung is a good manure. The cow ploughs the land and draws carts.

Conclusion: The cow is the most useful domestic animal in Bangladesh. We should raise more cows. We have to be kind to them.

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