Introduction : Bangladesh is a small country with large population. This country is widely known as a poor country in the world. It is struggling hard to survive with its hundreds of burning problems. Unemployment problem is one of them.

Unemployment means want of any kind of productive work. It has become an acute problem nowadays.
Causes of unemployment. There are many causes of unemployment problem. They are Rapid growth of population, backwardness in industrialization, lack of capital and technology, lack of skill, lack of education, false sense of dignity, disliking for manual labour, inequitable distribution of national wealth, political turmoil of the country, frequent visit of natural disasters like floods, cyclones, droughts etc.

Demerits of unemployment: Unemployment is a great social evil. It makes a man idle. There is a proverb that an idle brain is the workshop of devil. An idle person always indulges in mischief. So unemployment leads men to anti-social activities. Besides, lack of opportunities for employment makes people frustrated to take education.
This problem is also responsible for brain-drain.In order to solve the problem we all should come ahead with patriotic zeal (China) in a body. The following measures may prove
effective to root out the problem:

i) The first necessary thing for the solution of the problem is the industrialization of the country. It means that a large number of mills, Factories and firms should be set up throughout the country so that the unemployed can work there.

ii) Vocational training should be introduced and students should have some training in it.

ii) Our students and youths should be made to give up their mania for jobs. They should be encouraged to respect manual labour and choose an independent career.

iv) Steps should be made to increase our national income to the maximum and distribute it equitably.

v) The government should be honest and sincere in their plans and policies.

vi) Above all, the growth of population should be kept within reasonable limit.

Conclusion : Our government have already taken some effective steps to remove the problem. But the government cannot solve it alone. All the people of the country should be active against the spread of this great problem.
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