Writing a short composition is a kind of art. It is not an easy art. This type of composition is generally written on a particular topic. It may also be called a short essay. However, writing a good composition is difficult. It needs a good command of the language. It also needs knowledge of the given topic/subject and power to organize thoughts and ideas in a systematic order. It consists of several paragraphs which have a close link and relation with one another.
This type of short composition has three constituent parts -- 
(l) Introduction
(II) Description and
(III) Conclusion.

(I) The introduction serves as the opening part of the composition. I,t is the first paragraph of the composition. By the use of the introduction, the reader is made attracted to the topic/subject of the composition. It is a form of briefing on the subject to be described or illustrated in the composition.

(II) The description is the middle part of the composition. It is constituted by one or more than one paragraph. In this part of the composition, thoughts, ideas and different points are presented coherently with logical support.

(III) The conclusion is the last part of a composition, it is the ending of the composition. In it, the writer's summing up of the composition is presented. The conclusion gives the final statement of the writer on the topic given for composition. The writer here gives his final opinion about the subject of the composition. His suggestion, if any, or comment on the subject is given in the conclusion.

The type of composition we have to deal with in this unit is short composition which is of various classes -narrative, descriptive, argumentative etc. In a narrative composition, some events or incidents are narrated in the order they have taken place. In a descriptive composition, actually someone or something is described as actually it is. And in an argumentative composition, the writer tries to establish his/her own view point by putting his/her arguments for or against something.

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